Saturday, 4 June 2011

One-Level Buffer for Call Admission Control in Mobile Cellular Systems

Author Ojesanmi O.A, Ojesanmi S.O, Oyebisi T.O, Odim M
On Pages 6-9
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date May 01, 2011
Publishing Date May 01, 2011
Keywords Handoff call, network, real-time call, non-real-time call, buffer, channel.


Mobile wireless network supports different multimedia applications with different quality of service (QoS) requirements. Meeting these demands requires an efficient allocation of channels in order to cater appropriately for each application. In this paper, we propose a multi-threshold channel allocation scheme with one buffer to care of real time and non-real-time handoff calls in a wireless mobile network with priority. The different traffics considered are, Real-time new call, Real-time handoff call, Non-real-time new call, and non-real-time handoff call. The size of each threshold is dynamically adjusted based on the in-coming traffic rate. The channels in each cell are divided into three parts: one is for real-time new call, the second is for real-time handoff, the third is for non-real-time handoff call and the last one is for non-real-time new call. In addition, a real-time handoff call can preempt non-real-time handoff call in the buffer to be allocated free channels available. The scheme is simulated under different scenarios and simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme is able to simultaneously provide satisfactory QoS to the different call types and maintain relatively high resource utilization in a dynamic traffic load environment.

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